Tuesday, 3 July 2012

OpenERP Functional and Technical Training @ Serpent Consulting Services

We feel proud to announce that Serpent Consulting Services is organizing a Functional and Technical Training for Aspirants. Serpent Consulting Services successfully completed 8 Training sessions of OpenERP Technical and OpenERP Functional Trainings. It is tremendous achievement for any company.

Serpent Consulting Services feels immense pleasure to announce back to back OpenERP Technical and Functional Trainings Respectively.

OpenERP Functional Training July 2012 :-

This Training is dedicated to partners, integrators and end-users who want to get a better functional understanding of OpenERP. This training is meant to give an overview of the OpenERP features allowing for a general understanding of the software.

The 9th Training programme will be OpenERP Functional Training version 6.1 to be held on 16th of July to 20th July 2012. Aspirants join us for Training, and come out as expert after the completion of Training.

Training Outlines can be found at :-

OpenERP Functional Training

OpenERP Technical Training July 2012 :-

The technical training is a unique opportunity for anyone, who wants to develop and customize his own modules! This Training is exclusive to partners, integrators and new developers who need to gain knowledge of the OpenERP development process and also for IT professionals eager to learn more about the OpenERP technical aspects.

The 9th Training programme will be OpenERP Technical Training version 6.1 to be held on 23th July to 27th July 2012. It brings occasion for you to attend in India. We come with various new additions to the normal Training.

Training Outlines can be found at :-

OpenERP Technical Training

Duration : -

Both Training will be 5 days training. 8 hours each day.


Daily drinks (tea / coffee) and lunch;
Training material

Training Fees  :- 

1. Single ( Individual Trainee) : 700 USD per trainee.
2. Group between 5 to 9 Trainees : 550 USD per trainee.
3. Corporate 10 and more Trainees   : 3500 USD for 5 days.

Both of these Trainngs are very important who are new to OpenERP world. SerpentCS organizing OpenERP Technical and Functional Trainings every month with a good success ratio resulting in confident smiles of attendees.

We will be pleased to welcome you at this training!

You can also Contact Us for Remote and Onsite Training, OpenERP Support, OpenERP Offshore,OpenERP Migration and Tryton Services.

Register your seat at contact@serpentcs.com.

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Now a days, we are getting global, so why does the software have a feel of local? If you have the need to use the OpenERP in multiple languages, you can surely satisfy the need. Let me give you a  glimpse of this configuration and thus help you serve your aim.

As we know OpenERP is available in many languages for the users of different countries, but you might be unaware about the option to load many languages in OpenERP.

In order to proceed, please follow these steps:
  1. Login as Administrator, go to Settings menu and Click on the Load an Official Translation. Choose French Language (or a language which you wish to choose) and click on Load Button.

This will add an option to translate some terms of OpenERP into the language you chose. Lets say it French. Only those terms will be translated which are set to be translatable.
  1. Click on Languages in Translation Menu to check the French language is Installed or not.

  1. French language is Installed now click on it.

  2. Click on Active check box and Save it.

  1. Click on Users in Users Menu, and click on Administrator.

  1. Select language as French in User Tab and Save it.

  1. Now Log Out the system and again Log In with same Database.
  1. After Re-login you see the system is converted into French language.
  1. Do the same process ( Step 6 to 8 ) to get English language back into the system
    10. If you are not an admin user and you wish to set another language than existing one, you can follow these steps:
A. Move Over the right top of your browser, you would see logout button. Left to it find an icon for the edition of preferences of the user. 

B. Once the pop up appears, do the proper config and press 'Save'. You've done it!

We hope this has helped you serving your aim.

Chirag Dave and Naitik Mehta,
Serpent Consulting Services