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Export - Import Configurations in OpenERP v7 !

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As an OpenERP user or developer may some time need to data import and export possibly in Migration. There are several methods in OpenERP to server the purpose. In OpenERP 7, data import and export happen in client side so you do not need to have technical knowledge. If you are able to collect the data in a spreadsheet without much efforts;  ‘CSV Import’ will be a better solution for data import. Similarly data can also be exported easily as a CSV files. The CSV file format is a text format compatible with most spreadsheet programs (such as 
OpenOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel), and is easily editable as a worksheet. The first line contains the name of the fields in the form. All the subsequent lines are data, aligned in their respective columns.

Here you can see how to configure IMPORT,EXPORT your data in OpenERP latest version 7.0. The importation of data into OpenERP has been completely redesigned as to enable much easier and transparent data import operations. Allow to IMPORT data you should unable “Allow users to import data from CSV files”

This option is in Setting -> Configuration -> General settings menu as shown below:

After enabling the “Allow users to import data from CSV files” option, the import option is available next to every create button from list view.

 If you want to export the data, the option you can find in list view ‘More’ option.

How to Import and Export ?

Export :
Its a very simple to Export data in OpenERP 7.0, you just select the data and click on export, open new wizard, you will select the fields that you want to export and click on export to file,
after Export it will create a .CSV file. Export option cannot be disabled by any configuration but you have to write a web module for this.

Import :
First you have to select data to import, after selecting data, you can preview right away, thus resulting in a significant gain in time. In previous versions of OpenERP, you had to reiterate the import when the initial one did not meet your criteria. Now after the system analyses the file content and provide indications in case of error.In case of errors in the original file formatting, OpenERP proposes you alternatives and solutions on how to structure your document.

OpenERP 7.0 version gives more file formating options when data importing.

import data form .CSV file.


You must include every field that is colored blue because those fields are required (unless you know that they get filled by default with an appropriate value), and also any other field that is important to you.

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Serpent Consulting Services

Lectures on IT, Management and behavioral Science at SerpentCS

We are the strong believers that More We Discuss, More ideas evolve, More we come closer to everyone and more we grow eventually.

At SerpentCS, we took the initiative to invite experts to share their valuable input with our employees. It will help them to cope up with global trends.


Management and IT

The First Lecture was about ‘Management & IT’,  was delivered by Kunal Mojidra who is an Assistant Professor at a Management College, Narmada. He agreed to present his insights at a very short notice. He has been generating MBA talents since last 3 years or so.

Employees were looking very much involved and interested in the interactive session. Kunal shared the strategy and Management lessons by giving some interesting examples of how well-known companies have been managing their services, how they faced failures, how they came out better and how they stood strong in their market positions.

We then organized a debate session with 2 teams on the topic ‘Engineering Or Management?’. That Group Discussion brought out a lot more abilities of each of the staff member of speaking, convincing and fun factor.

After the presentation, there was a discussion on why soft-skills are necessary in today’s professional environment. Senior Staff of SerpentCS also gave some useful tips that can be helpful in employee’s personal and professional growth.

Management of SerpentCS concluded that both the wings, Engineering and Management are important for an organization. When managed well both of them, Success is assured.


Behavioral Science

After the great feedback from the employees, SerpentCS management is encouraged to organize more experts lectures.

We had called up an expert from software industry. Our expert, Mitesh Soni, has experience for over 5 years in the field. He has been part of 3 different organizations. Last Saturday, he was our expert who shared remarkable points in Organizational Behaviour. It was a wonderful experience for all.

After the very interactive, enjoyable and a thought-provoking session, Mitesh Soni was given a medal and a memento.

Mitesh shared his feedback:

It was 2 AM in the morning on 1st June, 2013 when I came to know that I need to take one expert lecture on behavioral aspect of a professional; I politely convinced Jay vora that it would be sharing of an experience which I have gained in past few years and not the “expert lecture”.

When conversation started at SerpentCS, I could see exuberance and liveliness of young students who might have joined months or year back. Youth comes with uncontrolled energy and often we all young people learn with our daily experiences on how to control our energy in right direction.

We discussed how knowledge we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others. There was a time in between where I learnt couple of things from the young professionals and they provided me various hints on which I should move forward which is not usual in this kind of discussions. Employees of SerpentCS were agile in nature and hence serious lecture was transformed into a creative discussion and we didn’t even realize it.

It was a pleasure to share experience with them on how teamwork is important, how your role is not limited to a task assigned to you when you are working in a team. We emphasized on the communication part and we all agreed that if you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams. It is possible to be competitive and still respect each others’ abilities for a common goal – that is success of an organization.

Moral of the Conversation: Remember, there are no mistakes, only lessons. Observe yourself, trust your choices, and everything is possible. You are an observer of what you observe. Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value hence desire more, help others; emotions, trust, communication, and respect are influential factors in success of a team and organization.

It was an experience which I will cherish for rest of life. All the best SerpentCS! Be a “Game Changer” in Open Source world!

We want our employees to be Global Citizens. We will groom them to be ready to take any challenge. Employees are our priced asset. Get ready Serpents, Way to go.

Serpent Consulting Services.

OpenERP Technical, Functional Training for July 2013 in India by SerpentCS

Dear Aspirants,

Serpent Consulting Services successfully completed 14 Training sessions of OpenERP Technical and OpenERP Functional Trainings for the year 2012, and 8 Training Sessions in the year 2013. It is a tremendous achievement for any company. The satisfaction of attendees and feedback can be seen on our testimonials page. We deliver the best quality in very less fees, you can search around for any check.

Our Facebook Profile shows all pictures.

Serpent Consulting Services feels immense pleasure to announce back to back OpenERP Technical and Functional Trainings Respectively.

Special attention this time is discounted Training Fees :-
1. Single ( Individual Trainee) : 830 USD per trainee.
2. Group (between 5 to 9 Trainees) : 730 USD per trainee.
3. Corporate (10 to 15 Trainees) : 680 USD for per trainee.

OpenERP Functional Training July 2013 :-

This Training is dedicated to partners, integrators and end-users who want to get a better functional understanding of OpenERP. This training is meant to give an overview of the OpenERP features allowing for a general understanding of the software.

The 9th Training programme will be OpenERP Functional Training version 7 to be held on 15th July to 19th July 2013. Aspirants join us for Training, and come out as expert after the completion of Training.

Training Outlines can be found at :-

OpenERP Functional Training

OpenERP Technical Training July 2013 :-

The technical training is a unique opportunity for anyone, who wants to develop and customize his own modules! This Training is exclusive to partners, integrators and new developers who need to gain knowledge of the OpenERP development process and also for IT professionals eager to learn more about the OpenERP technical aspects.

The 9th Training programme will be OpenERP Technical Training version 7 to be held on 22nd July to 25th July 2013. It brings occasion for you to attend in India. We come with various new additions to the normal Training.

Training Outlines can be found at :-

OpenERP Technical Training

Duration : -
Both Training will be 5 days training. 8 hours each day.

Daily drinks (tea / coffee) and Lunch

Training material

Both of these Trainings are very important who are new to OpenERP world. SerpentCS organizing OpenERP Technical and Functional Trainings every month with a good success ratio is resulting in confident smiles of attendees.

We will be pleased to welcome you at this training!
You can also Contact Us for Remote and Onsite Training, OpenERP Support,
OpenERP Offshore,OpenERP Migration and Tryton Services.

Register your seat at

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