Thursday, 23 February 2012

Multiple Image Widget for OpenERP 6.1

With the release of  OpenERP Version 6.1  we are extremely  proud to announce that we have made a widget for multiple images to be seen as a lightbox just like Facebook and other websites show them on browsers.

Images will be fetched and uploaded on any FTP, Amazon S3 or any other server.

Please check video for more details.

Hope to get this useful contribution land into OpenERP version 6.1

Visit SerpentCS for more details.

                                                                        Multiple Image Widget for OpenERP Web-client.

                                                      Multiple Image Widget for OpenERP Web-client With More Functionality.


  1. That is an amazing feature as it makes the system more beautiful and easy to walk through all the images in lightbox.You might have used Lightbox libraries for this.Right?
    sap support packs

  2. Lauren,

    We used the lightbox libraries,python and javascript.