Thursday, 12 January 2012

Learn OpenERP, SerpentCS will guide you!

Hello you-our precious Reader,

I understand why you have arrived to this page and after completing the reading, I assure you will surely move towards learning OpenERP, an opensource ERP.

We at Serpent Consulting Services provide the trainings like OpenERP technical training, OpenERP functional training; services like OpenERP Support, OpenERP Migration, OpenERP Offshore Development.

So, how ? how to learn OpenERP? You can see, what is ALL about OpenERP. Being an OpenSource Product, there are obviously many resources online, including the PDFs, Videos, blogs, etc.

Official books can be downloaded from :

After reading the various books and blogs, you will learn the idea about OpenERP.

Installation guides:
1. OpenERP installation on Ubuntu
2. OpenERP installation on Fedora
3. Complete Installation Guide on Ubuntu upto module installation

By the time I am writing this, OpenERP is about to release version 6.1. The detailed changelogs and bug releases for last 2 versions are here:
OpenERP Version 6.0.2
OpenERP Version 6.0.3

There are plenty of online resources. Three online presentations I recommend are OpenERP Technical Memento,OpenERP Functional Memento and OpenERP Agile Implementation Memento. First I would study the implementation methodology presentation, then I would read the functional one and at last the technical presentation; which covers the technical aspects of developing modules.

Recent Happenings and most demandful concepts are :
1. OpenERP Touchscreen POS(point of sale) 
2. OpenERP Webkit Reports designed by CamptoCamp

You will also find online videos, most of them can be found at OpenERP Videos. These videos will save you a lot of time. And last but not least, you should check the  OpenERP Planet and the software forums.

Various Training Schedules:
1. OpenERP Technical Training
2. OpenERP Functional Training

Hope this information helps you get started with OpenERP.

Good Luck!

Courtesy : Jay Vora


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