Friday, 2 November 2012

My Journey of Python, OpenSource, OpenERP moves onto the 6th year : Jay Vora

The clock ticks and moves on, doesn't really stop atleast for a second! Why would it ? I know very well that it does not tick only for me, so sticks on ticking on and just while you reading this, it had already moved few more seconds.

Naturally, when some one becomes a little idle or tired or goes to sleep, one becomes a little nostalgic, refreshes the day spent and remembers whether its anyone's birthday today or something special related to the current date.

And yes, here it comes my turn and its September 10, 2012 and it shows that I have completed 5 years. OF??? yes, 10 sep 2007 is the date ever since I came to know about OpenSource, Python and OpenERP. It is to mention that it too was a Monday. I am quickly moved to my laptop now and sharing my old memories and having a pleasure to thanks to the builders of the career so far. Well yes, NEVER LEAVE A CHANCE TO THANK ANYONE. I am here to thank to the names you will read below.

By the time I write this, I am into the old times 5 years back while I was just a fresher and working for Anish Information Technology,working on Microsoft Technologies (now acquired by Thomson Reuters). On one usual day or better to say as a part of routine I went for a usual meet to my close friend Akash Oza(It does not happen now a days more often as we are busy in our married lives, he is legally married and I am to Serpent Consulting Services). While having a usual talk, I happen to discuss with his elder brother Navrang Oza, the owner of IntellectSeed Technologies about his current job and I was impressed by the discussion in which he talked about a new concept, new technology and about new opening into the firm TinyERP India Pvt. Ltd. run under the Belgian label led by Mantavya Gajjar.

I kept in my mind that doesn't matter whatever happens, I am going to take this new challenge. Interesting to share that I had my current salary X and my new salary if I take the job was gonna be 20% less, yes you read it right, TWENTY % less !!! Which dumb and blind fresher will take this decision, and I was Qualified enough to label these tags and took the decision for the sacrifice of Money to get a new challenge to know about.

I decided and met once again to Navrang and Dharmesh Rathod, the Managing Director of Axelor India.  I knew few more things about python,future and about the job. Then with the grace of Luck, Navrang introduced me to Mantavya who was/is the director of TinyERP India Pvt. Ltd. He powered me with the opportunities and gave a glimpse of the environment to work on and the future. I then honestly asked them about the background I would need to have to be qualified for the job, they helped me understand the concepts of MVC, OOPs being used in the technology and boosted me for the next coming thing!

I sent the resume and was given a date for the interview. I was interviewed by Hardik Joshi, the Manager and Husen Daudi, the Support Leader. ( Later on Husen sir told me that I was neither selected nor rejected by any of the two interviewers, was just put in pending state. Was later recommended by the names mentioned above and now into the team... Mixed feelings )

I was selected and joined the team of TinyERP Technical architects from 10 sep 2007 (really they were/are/will be) which includes Miss Dhara Shah, Mr. Dhaval Patel, Mr. Husen Daudi, Mr Pritesh Modi, Mr. Hardik Joshi, Mrs. Kundan Patel,Mr. Mustufa Rangwala, Mr. Harshad Modi, Mr. Harsh Kohli and Mr. Ashishsingh Bhatia. I got the offer letter from Mrs. Anar Patel, one of the very confident, strong and powerful ladies I've ever met.

DO What you LOVE and LOVE what you DO. Within the span of 15 days I learnt Technical basics and started working on the OpenSource ERP Called TinyERP (is now called OpenERP). I am still learning and working on it. Learning always has to be a continuous process. If you don't be a student, you cannot make a progress!

Thanks to everyone including the personnels mentioned who have come aroud my journey and yes its ON! You are the builders and all credits go to you!

You bless yourself,

Jay Vora.

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